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The road to Namanu
Camp Namanu memories

How amazing it is to think back to my days at Namanu...I'm singin in my head right now...I agree that there are way too many memories to pick just one, but it amazes me that I can close my eyes and still see every inch of camp just the way it was my last day on the grounds. For years I have wanted to go back as a camper or staff, but high school and college activities were abundant. Now that I have graduated college and am entering the "real-world" I am sure to continue following the ideals that I learned under the pines and around the camp-fire. I'm going to go sing some songs now. Love to all!
Samantha Schilling    Recorded January 11, 2006

AWWW! yeh! I'm almost crying! I get so emotional everytime I think about Camp Namanu. It is a very special and sacred place for me since I was a wee spark! :) I too can't pick just one. I have many memories from sliding rock, stargazing, wishing rock, the creek hike, singing the song about getting your elbow off the table, council fires in the woods with the heartbeat of the drum echoing through the trees, the long hike from the bus to the meadow, making paper in the arts and crafts cabin, and polar bear swimming! yeh! I also went back my senior year of high school when Namanu was added to the list for the first time as an ODS camp. I was an ODS counselor that year, and got to see the camp still alive and well with all it's beauty. I hope to go back sometime soon. I will definitely join the alumni association. Much love to all my fellow campers! "Camp Namanu's sure to shine, all of the time!" :) Love,
Annie (Amity)    Recorded December 14, 2005

The best time of your life
Maddy Meyers    Recorded November 11, 2005

I went to Camp Namanu from 1986-1994, through every unit. I often think about my experiences there, and how they helped develop who I am today. I was a third generation Namanuer, as my grandmother went to Camp Namanu when she was a young girl, and I plan on sending my children there as well. I have so many memories of friends, counselors, and events. I think my most memorable year was when I was in Robinhill 1988, and I think that was the first year they did "Biffer Games." How chaotic!! I think I ran out every inch of energy running from Dribble (one of the counselors) with a sock filled with flour! I am so happy to find out there is an alumni association! Hopefully someday I will be able to share all of my experiences with my children.
Brooke Emmarson    Recorded August 26, 2005

Wow! What a surprise to read the article in the Oregonian this morning about Camp Namanu! I think of it often, such great memories. I share many of them, as well as the songs I learned, with my three young boys. I remember the camp fires, swimming in the pool, rowing on the pond, stream hiking and sliding down sliding rock, and taking care of my own horse at horse camp. I am happy to learn that Camp Namanu is still available to young children. I will certainly become an Alumni Member and offer my support so it can hopefully continue for many years:).
Kris Hurley    Recorded August 25, 2005

My favorite memory of camp would have to be the secret balagan hand-shake!
Stacey    Recorded August 9, 2005

It is very difficult to list only ONE of my favorite memories of Namanu as I spent every summer of my childhood there. I think my favorite year was at Kiwanas - 6th grade. There I learned so many skills, met so many wonderful friends and enjoyed the outdoors so very much. I just adored the songs and remember singing after meals at Raker Lodge. Those are some of the many memories that make Namanu close to my heart!
Samantha Shriver    Recorded June 20, 2005

I remember leaving and crying whe i hugged my sl Topaz and I kept crying on the ride to school. I miss namanu.
Megan Bruun    Recorded May 13, 2005

I'll never forget the three weeks of my last visit to Camp Namanu. I was in a week of ranch camp and then 2 weeks of silver spoons. During the two weeks of silver spoons my fellow workers and I pulled some of the most funnist pranks ever. We put our guides sleeping bag on the flag pole in the middle of the night so the next morning during flag the whole camp saw his sleeping bag hanging from the pole. And the last day of camp we put all of the boys beds and sleeping bags and basicly all their gear in their canoes and put them in the duck pond while the whole camp went down to the final camp fire. It was great.
Lorenzo Azure    Recorded March 27, 2005

I have too many amazing memories to choose just one! The songs, the camp fires, star gazing, sliding rock (I wonder if that is still there?), The sound of the river, all the friends I made over the years, spiders in the showers, the phenominal counselors, pancake flipping & eating contest(now that is a great memory!), watching our counselor swim across the mucky duck pond to win a bet with another counselor...Good Times! When I think of my childhood I think of Summer camp and all of the great times spent at Namanu!! I am another camper who moved out of state and I haven't been back since the Summer before the 8th grade; I am so excited to find this website and to see that Namanu is alive and well!
Brenda Montgomery    Recorded March 21, 2005

I loved being a Left Over and being able to stay in the Namanu jail. From the time I could remember summer after summer I always wanted to know what the upstairs of the main lodge looked like. I finally got my wish. Working for a free week of camp was so rewarding. Thanks.
Julie Scheckla    Recorded March 16, 2005

I used to look forward each summer to my week at Camp Namanu. I started at Blue Wing, then Sherwood ... and only got as far as Robin Hill. How desperately I wished for Ranch, LOL! Unfortunately, we moved to a new location that had no Camp Fire group, and that was the end of Namanu for me. Breakfast at Raker Lodge, the hike from the bus to the Great Meadow ... all of it comes back in a moment.
Sharon Cathcart    Recorded October 12, 2004

Summer of 2004--what a memory this will be for me! Thank you everyone; and special thanks to the Alumni for all your energy, hard work and for keeping Namanu alive as I remember it from long ago! WoHeLo,
Tina Ramsby "Chai"    Recorded August 31, 2004

Hello! I am so excited to find your site and will soon become an alumni member. I have MANY fond memories of spending summers at Camp Namanu as a camper from Robin Hill, Kiwanis, Pioneer, Balagan and as a CIT. I have often wondered if the camp is still there. I know how much my time spent there has meant to me and hope the traditions continue for others. I can still hear the Sandy River flowing underneath my bunk in the treehouse at Balagan, remember the many nights of star gazing in the meadow, boating in the duck pond and singing all the wonderful camp songs. I would love to try and attend an event at Camp Namanu sometime in the future!
Beverly Mason-Shantz "Manuka"    Recorded August 15, 2004

Well my favorite memory of camp namanu was meeting new people it was very strange for me but but then in a couple of minutes they were like a family to me. It was very hard to leave them behind,I will never forget Camp Namanu!
Stephanie    Recorded July 6, 2004

My last year at Camp Namanu was over 7 years ago. I started when I was first able to and ended just before sixth grade. I had great times there, and I think my most favorite thing was when we would make the little log boat things for each camp group and sail them off on the river. I also liked just being able to go on hikes and play tons of games with other campers. Camp Namanu is the best! And the songs rock!
Cheri Curl    Recorded June 30, 2004

When summer came I could not wait to go to camp. It was a little scary meeting new people but it did not take long to feel comfortable. Large eating areas, 'no elbows on the the table because we would squish the pixies that were there'. The songs 'yawning in the morning when Namanus bugle blows - ' the campfire setting and badges and honors that were earned was very solumn but very pivate - like a rite of passage. These memories will last forever and now I have been asked to speak to children about campfires,plant identification, animal tracking, etc. And because of Camp Namanu and the people that spoke into my life, the tradition and culture move along.
Diane (Miller) Soucie    Recorded May 12, 2004

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