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  »Daddy Raker-1934
  »Marguerite Davis-1948
  »Ginny Denton-1989
  »Nancy King-1998
      Samuel Cobb
      Theodore Harper
      William Raker
      Elaine Gorham
      Ginny Denton
Weavery door In 1923, Eathel Moore and W.S. Raker explored the Portland countryside in search of a permanent site for Camp Namanu. Eighty years later the land where the Bull Run River meets the Sandy River remains the home of Camp Namanu.

Contained in this section are all the printed histories of Camp Namanu, a look at the new Camp Fire Museum and several selected biographies of significant people in Camp Namanu history.

We are always seeking more information on Camp Namanu and the people who have helped make it the great camp that it is, so please submit any information that you might have to contribute.

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